There are many fitness disciplines and ideologies available these days. My goal is to provide simple, easy to follow, real life applicable programs for my members to adhere too. I have broken down my programs into 3 main categories:

BURN, which focuses on fat loss.

BUILD, where muscle building and strength gains are priority.

PERFORM , programs for those already with a foundation in fitness, but looking to prepare for specific training and athletic events; such as Military, Fire Departments and other “Tactical” fields, where fitness is less about looking good on instagram, and more about being able to perform when yours and others lives are on the line.


About Me…


I have a Bachelor of Science in Education, Degree in Kinesiology, NASM CPT, NSCA CSCS and plenty of real world experience with others and myself in meeting health and fitness goals. I work as a fitness and health coach, helping those who want to live a better life through fitness and nutrition awareness. Ive also spent over 18 years in active duty Air Force and Air Guard, in a variety of career fields from Computer Operations, Combat Weather to Special Warfare TACP.